10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2023 Australia

10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2023 Australia - New Age Walls

Mother's Day is a great opportunity to show your mom how much you appreciate her. There are many different ways you can do this, but the best way to show your appreciation for a mother on Mother's Day is by giving her something that shows how much you care about her and what she does for you in general.

So here are some amazing gift ideas to inspire you:

1. Cooking Gift Basket

As a mother, you're the one who cooks. You know what your family likes and don't like to eat, so why not make them something they will love? A cooking gift basket is a great way to show someone how much you appreciate them and their talents in the kitchen.

The contents of this basket can vary depending on who it is for: if it's for an experienced cook, then maybe include some fancy kitchen utensils or even a personalised cookbook or recipe book (such as one with all your favourite recipes). If this person isn't too familiar with cooking yet, then perhaps include an apron or some other protective clothing along with some simple utensils like spatulas or measuring cups so that they can feel confident enough to give it ago!

Cooking basket gift for Mother's Day - New Age Walls

We recommend The Hamper Emporium to purchase such cooking basket or you can also DIY a basket and add mum's favourite items to it! 

2. Personalised Baby Portrait

Personalised portraits are a great gift idea for your mum. They are a special way to celebrate her, and she will love it.

At New Age Walls we pride ourselves on creating the best custom baby portraits in Australia! You can get individual portraits of yourself as a baby for your mum's gift or a family portrait with personalised text, background colors and more! Have a look at our custom baby portrait and custom baby birth posters for ideas!

3. Jewellery

Jewellery is a popular choice when it comes to Mother's Day gifts, and it's easy to see why. Jewellery can be personalised with charms or engravings that reflect the mother's personality, interests and hobbies. It can be a piece of silver jewellery that you've been saving up for the right occasion, or even something more extravagant like gold earrings or a necklace.

Jewellery doesn't need to be expensive though - there are lots of options available at affordable prices if you're on a tight budget. The key thing here is finding something that has sentimental value attached; this will make your mum feel special every time she wears it!

This 3 ring personalised necklace by Myka is adorable for Mother's Day Gift in our opinion! 

Myka Personalised Necklace for Mother's Day - New Age Walls

4. Flowers

Flowers are a classic Mother's Day gift. You can order flowers online or pick them up at your local florist, and have them delivered to the mother's home or even to her workplace. The delivery service is available anywhere in Australia, so you don't need to worry about where she lives!

If you're ordering flowers on short notice (like most people do), they can be delivered same day or next day depending on where you live and what time of day it is when you place your order.

We absolutely LOVE Hello Blooms Florist! They have some really unique selection of flowers, including native Australian flowers that they deliver all over Australia! 

Hello Blooms Florist for Mother's Day - New Age Walls

5. Massage Therapy Gift Certificate

Massage therapy is a great way to show your appreciation for the hard work that mothers do every day. You can get a gift certificate for a massage therapist in your area and make sure she gets some much-needed relaxation time. If you're not sure where to find one, head over to Endota Spa, they are in of the best Message and Spa therapy businesses around! 

Endota Spa Gift Card for Mother's Day - New Age Walls

If you don't have time to go out and purchase something this year, consider getting her a gift certificate online!

6. Handmade Cards

Handmade cards are a great way to say thank you. They can be made from any material, and there are many different types of handmade cards.

You can always create a card the traditional way where you fold a paper in half and write Happy Mother's Day on one side and a message inside! But you can also get handmade cards or personalised cards online on websites such as Officeworks, Vista and Etsy!

Cute Cards for Mother's Day - New Age Walls


7. Personalised Phone Case

Personalised phone cases are a great way to show you care. They're thoughtful gifts that your mum can use every day, and they'll last for years. At New Age Walls we create some of the toughest yet cutest personalised phone cases for mum

8. Outdoor Living Gift Ideas

Home Decor and outdoor living gifts are probably the best gift ideas for mums! They love making our home comfortable, calm and beautiful! Here are some ideas you can look at and find in places like Temple & Webster, Pottery Barn and Design Stuff!

  • Outdoor furniture
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Outdoor plants and flowers
  • Outdoor cushions, rugs and throws

    Outdoor Lantern from Pottery Barn for Mother's Day - New Age Walls

    9. Wine and Wine Accessories

    Wine is a great gift for a mother on Mother's Day. It's not only something that lasts longer than one day and can be used again and again, but it also shows how much you appreciate her. If you want to go all out, consider getting her some wine accessories like an elegant decanter or stopper set that will make her happy every time she uses them!

    Wine Direct and Dan Murphy's has some great offers for wine through the year!

    Wine for Mother's Day - New Age Walls

    10. An experience together!

    There are many different ways to show your appreciation for a mother on Mother's Day

    The best gift is one that is personalised and comes from the heart. For example, if your mom loves baking cakes for birthdays and special occasions then why not make some cupcakes with icing decorations? You could write "Happy Mother's Day" on each one or draw pictures of flowers or hearts - whatever represents mommy dearest! This will show her just how much thought went into making these treats as well as letting her know how much they mean to me (and hopefully taste good too).

    Another idea would be making something together such as painting canvases or scrapbooking pages together; it doesn't matter what kind of project goes into creating this surprise gift because at least we'll both have fun doing it together."

    If you are in Melbourne, Pinot and Piccaso is a great place to take mum for a Mother and Daughter (or son) wine and paint experience!

    Pinot and Piccaso Mothers Day - New Age Walls


    We hope you have found this list of ideas for Mother's Day 2023 useful. We know that it can be difficult to find the perfect gift for your mother, but we are sure that one of these ideas will be just right! 

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