Baby Room Decor - How to Decorate a Nursery

Baby Room Decor - How to Decorate a Nursery - New Age Walls

How to decorate a nursery

A lot of mumma's out there are currently struggling with this question. Not only are you pregnant, and busy growing a human inside you, but you also have to prepare for his/her arrival. A little overwhelming? I definitely feel you!

Managing to create the perfect nursery for your baby can be a little stressful, especially if you don’t have much experience in design. So make some tea and settle down (if your baby is currently not kicking you), here are a few ideas to get you started. 

1. Get inspired 

There are so many mums out there who love decorating a nursery for their first, second, third, forth child. They already have a blueprint down for you! Here are my top three go-to Instagram mums who seem to have this art of nursery decor figured out!


This stunning mum is killing it! Not only is her nursery on point- but she herself is glowing like a goddess. Since posting this photo, she has had her baby! Check out more photos of her nursery (and her equally gorgeous baby) on her profile.


She is an all rounder! Motherhood, Stye and Home are three topics she discusses on her profile. Get inspired by not only her nursery but also her way of styling her home and have a look at her product reviews. 


Kathrine is a DIY home stylist who decorates homes including nursery. This style of nursery is just so cute, I couldn't help but share!

 2. Decide a color scheme for your nursery

This is where Pinterest comes in handy! Head over to Pinterest and type in nursery color scheme! NEVER buy paint before choosing your color scheme or your textiles!

3. Decide a Focal Point

Imagine you have a blank canvas for a nursery (which you probably do at the moment). What would be right in the centre of that room? A focal wall? Changing station? Or a super stylish Crib? This will serve as the anchor of your design. Everything else works to compliment this focal point 

4. Create Storage 

Now a pretty looking nursery is no use if its functioning and usable! Make sure you have enough storage in your new nursery and things you need are situated within arms length! When it comes to a baby, you can never have enough storage! Baby bibs, blankets and burp clothes are only the start. Soon they will be followed by toys, stuffed animal, and cute clothing! 

5. Decorate with Personalised Baby Portrait

Once you have had the baby, don't forget to immortalise the moment with a personalised baby portrait of your special moment! With New Age Walls you can convert a beautiful moment with your baby into a digital baby painting fully customised with a background that suits your nursery and a high-end custom-made frame that will last you for years. Add your baby's name, weight, time of birth or a cute quote to make it even more personal to you! Have a look at some examples here!


All in all

Start with some inspiration on the internet! Go on insta and follow some mums killing it in the area of nursery decor. Head to Pinterest to get ideas on color scheme! Decide a focal point of your nursery that brings everything together including your dreams <3 and make sure the nursery is beautiful but also functional with all things you in within arms reach! Once you have the baby, shoot us a message and we would love to create a custom baby portrait for you! Most of all, don't forget! It takes a village to raise a child! So don't overwhelm yourself and ask for help from your family and friends! 

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