Top 5 Instagram profiles for funny pet videos 2021

Top 5 Instagram profiles for funny pet videos 2021 - New Age Walls

The best way to let off some steam especially for pet owners is watching funny animal videos on social media. So take a minute from your busy schedule and have a look at these Instagram profiles that will make you laugh! 

1. DogsofInstagram

Dogs of Instagram - Instagram Profile - New Age Walls

With over 5 Million followers and daily postings, you are sure to get a laugh on your feed. Not only that, you can also score dental chews, discounts and enter giveaways when you follow this profile. 

2. aussiekiba

Aussie Kiba - Instagram Profiles - New Age Walls

With a stunning face like that, you can just watch this dog do his thing and smile all day! This doggo is living life king size with his owner and is on an adventure enjoying life out of doors. You can also watch their tutorial videos and learn how you can take stunning photos of your pets. 

3. boopmynose

Boopmynose - Instagram Profile - New Age Walls

This 2018 Instagrammer of the Year Finalist has an interesting way of looking at life and I have to appreciate it! If you have ever just sat their and annoyed your pooch by booping their nose, this page is perfect for you!

4. dog_feelingsig

Thoughts of Dogs - Instagram Profile - New Age Walls

This profile is nothing short of brilliant! What if your pooch could share their thoughts? I must have said 'OMG that's so true' to every post on this page!

5. dogsofshelters

Dogsofshelters - Instagram Profile - New Age Walls

A project by DogsOfInstagram! 

They are dedicated to bringing together rescue dogs from around the world. Helping find loving homes for the adoptables! A feel good page and who knows you may find your best friend here!


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