5 Personalised Gift Ideas For Dog Parents

5 Personalised Gift Ideas For Dog Parents

Trying to find the perfect gift for pet parents can be a challenge! But we've got you covered with this collection of personalised gifts for dog parents that are sure to make their hearts melt! 

A custom dog portrait 

Millennial dog parents are truly in love with their fur babies! As such, it is important to get millennial dog parents a personalised gift for their dog that they will cherish for years to come and proudly show off to their guests!

Try our personalised dog portrait! Before you place your order, consider how you will take the photo of the pet. Avoid taking photos from high or low angles. Sit in front of the pooch and try taking a photo that is square and clearly shows off the dog's face! Also, try taking the image when there is an overcast to avoid over exposed images.

Next, consider what kind of background would work best for this type of picture--you want something that won't distract from your pup but also frames them nicely so they look their best! 

Luckily, with New Age Walls, you don't need to worry about backgrounds or fonts! We select 5 background and font combinations to choose the final artwork from, that best suit your pooch - making your artwork truly unique and suitable to your dog and home! 

A custom phone case of their dog

personalised pet portrait phone case is a great gift for dog parents. Millennial parents are always ready with their phones to capture those cute moments of their fur babies! So why not put their fur babies on their phone case?

New Age Walls creates beautiful artwork for dog phone cases. Just like the custom dog portrait, you don't need to worry about backgrounds and fonts as we take care of this for you! However, if you have a special request for background color or font, simply start a chat with us and we will confirm all details. 

Personalised dog bowls

Personalised dog bowls are a great gift for any dog lover. They can be engraved with your pet's name and used as water or food bowls, or both! The recipient will love the personal touch that these gifts add to their home decor.

We recommend this cute shop on hard to find that comes highly recommended called Lottie & Liv

A personalised collar

Personalised collars are a great gift for dog parents. You can get one made with their dog's name, birthday, or even both and they also keep your baby safe when you are out on your walks.

You can also get them customised with different colours and patterns. We recommend this exquisite Etsy store called AmyEngravedGifts

Personalised Tshirt

T-shirts are a great gift for dog parents. You can get a custom tshirt with a photo of their dog on it, or you can get them one with their dog's name on it, or even a message that says "I love my dogs".

We think MoeBeansBoutique on Etsy is creating very chic and boho sweatshirts and tshirts for dog parents.

If you know someone who loves dogs, try one of these gifts.

Personalised gifts are a great way to show someone you care. They're also a great way to show off your artistic side!

If you know someone who loves dogs and has everything they could possibly want (or need), try one of these personalised gifts instead. They're perfect for any dog parent!

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